Disease Reversal Hope!

Disease Reversal Hope!

Real People. Real Stories.

Medical Disclaimer

This book contains the ideas and opinions of its authors and is solely intended to provide general information. It is not in any way intended to provide specific medical advice, guidance, or act as a substitute for the advice of the reader’s own physician or medical professional.

Readers should only seek medical advice from their own physician or healthcare provider, based upon the reader’s personal situation, circumstances, conditions, symptoms, diagnoses, or concerns. If the reader desires or requires personal dietary, medical, lifestyle, health, exercise, counseling, or any other assistance, the reader should immediately consult with a competent qualified healthcare professional.  At no time should the reader make any adjustments to medication dosages or medical care without the strict guidance of the reader’s personal physician.


Before reading this book, please be advised that the publisher and authors specifically disclaim any consequences, direct or indirect, injury, damage, or loss of any kind the reader may incur by following the information, suggestions or guidance provided in this book or by participation in any of the programs listed in this book. The reader should consult with the reader’s own physician or healthcare provider before following any of the suggestions or guidance provided in this book, and the reader should follow only the reader’s physician’s guidance.



Stories Disclaimer

The stories presented here were written by the individuals who submitted their stories to the authors of this book, Dan Purjes and Dr. Scott Stoll. In many, but not all cases, the authors personally know these individuals, having met or communicated with them directly. The authors edited these stories for grammar and flow, but made every effort to leave the stories unchanged as much as possible, to be told in the authentic voice of the storyteller.

The authors of this book, Dan Purjes and Dr. Scott Stoll made no independent investigation, and therefore provide no representation as to the validity and accuracy of the stories published in this book. The authors personally believe the stories are true and accurate, but cannot give any assurance that they are.

All the individuals who contributed their stories for publication in this book signed a non-exclusive copyright release and a final acceptance letter agreeing to the publication of their story, which they reviewed. They also granted permission to publish their personal medical and other data as provided by them in their story.

There is no assurance that the disease reversal you read about in these stories will happen to you or in the same way. Converting to a whole plant food diet will undoubtedly improve health, but there is no way to predict in what ways and to what extent. The body is a self-healing organism, but sometimes too much damage has been done in previous years to reverse disease totally. But every step towards health helps.

The authors personally know many people who have reversed chronic diseases to a greater or lesser extent through conversion to a plant-based diet. In some instances, there did not appear to be any improvement in a specific chronic disease, but in all instances there was improvement in health and general well-being. It is not possible to know what it will do for you until you try it and adhere to it for at least 90 days.