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About The Film

From the filmmakers of Eating You Alive comes Disease Reversal Hope! The Film. A feature length documentary that brings to life the stories of those immersed in the abyss of chronic disease, facing a hopeless future and shares the discovery of hope found in the foods that led them to a disease-free, vibrant life!


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About The Filmmakers



Director / Producer

As a 35 year industry, veteran, and award-winning Director/Producer Paul’s creative artistry and technical expertise is widely appreciated by a client list that includes: HBO, Coco-Cola. BBC Chrysler, NASA. Discovery, Lifetime and The Disney Channel. He is the Director of the feature films Eating You Alive (2018), PlantWise (2020), and is the President of Smallbox Entertainment Group.




Merrilee is a producer of the documentaries Eating You Alive (2o18), PlantWise (2020) and currently serves as Trustee for EatingYouAlive.org, a 501(c)(3) non profit committed to promoting the chronic disease reversing power of a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle through educational and inspirational films, television and online platforms. Smallbox Entertainment Group.


Executive Producer / Producer

Dan Purjes: Co-author of the book,
DISEASE REVERSAL HOPE! Real People. Real Stories. Dan is the Executive Producer of the documentary films EATING YOU ALIVE and  DISEASE REVERSAL HOPE! The Film, and Executive Producer of the feature films PARANOIA and GIRL ON THE TRAIN (2013). Dan is the Co-Founder and Trustee of the Purjes Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports worthwhile causes such as DISEASE REVERSAL HOPE.ORG
Films are sponsored by The Purjes Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust that supports the health of body, mind, and soul, founded and privately funded by Dan and Edna Purjes. Please visit www.PurjesFoundation.org. Disease Reversal Hope! The Film is distributed by Gravitas Ventures.