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Real People. Real Stories.

Dan Purjes and Scott Stoll, M.D., are working on the next book in the Disease Reversal Hope! series of books and films. Provide us with your email address and we will notify you when the book and film becomes available.


This new book will contain stories written by people who were once obese or overweight. These were people who struggled mightily to lose excess weight through numerous diets, weight loss programs, or other means, but each time the weight came back and sometimes more than before. Many went on a yo-yo pattern of losing weight and then gaining it back, again and again. They suffered horribly, not only from the excess weight, but also from diseases and ailments often accompanying weight struggles: diabetes, high blood pressure, aching joints, indigestion, and digestive tract disorders, sleep apnea, skin disorders, breathing issues, depression, anxiety, and so many more.

Eventually, they found their way to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle and the weight melted off. They found they could eat as much as they wanted to and never be hungry, as long as what they ate consisted of whole plant foods. They no longer had to count calories, or restrict their food intake, or eat special meals, or do anything that is required by weight loss programs. All they had to do was stay with a whole plant food lifestyle, and they would lose 5 -15 pounds every month until they reached optimal weight. Then, they simply stayed at that healthy weight level without any effort or intervention. Their weight loss was permanent as long as they ate whole plant foods. The body knows what to do if it is given the right nutrition.

They also found that the whole plant food lifestyle opened up a new world of delicious and colorful foods, full of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients and antioxidants that kept their immune system robust and their bodies healthy. As they lost weight, and aches and pains, they engaged in more physical activities. They found that their thinking was much clearer, their energy for activities much greater, and their stamina much longer-lasting.

If you or someone you know wants to lose weight, and lose it permanently, this is the book to get. The stories are emotional and highly inspirational, and the route to lose weight and get healthy is clear and direct. The authors present the science behind the ability of a whole plant food lifestyle to eliminate excess weight and keep it off. They write about the mental chains that bind us to the wrong foods until we convert to a whole plant food lifestyle. They write about food addiction and how to overcome it naturally. As Dr. Stoll says, “Dieting doesn’t work.” That has been shown again and again to be true.

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