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Dan Purjes and Scott Stoll, M.D., present a collection of gripping and inspiring stories told in the authentic voices of real people who reversed their chronic diseases by adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle. This one-of-its-kind book is the first in a series of Reversal books. Uniquely, the book includes two tables of contents, one listing the storytellers and their specific conditions, with a second table that lists all of the diseases that many of the storytellers and readers share in common.

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Plant Powered Book Club: Disease Reversal Hope! with Co-Author Dan Purjes

Stories of plant-powered healing offer us inspiration and motivation for a healthier future. In September, join our book club discussion of Disease Reversal Hope! Real People. Real Stories. by Dan Purjes and Scott Stoll, MD. In this moving collection of stories by people who have reversed chronic disease through whole plant foods, you’ll hear about those who suffered from heart disease, lupus, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, obesity, and many other diseases.


We’ll begin the evening with a conversation, facilitated by Lynn Diamond, PPMNY’s Associate Network Director & Director of Community Education, and end with a Q&A with co-author Dan PurjesAfter suffering a heart attack in 2011, Dan reversed his heart disease through whole food, plant-based nutrition. Dan is the co-founder of the Purjes Foundation with his wife Edna, and the executive producer of Eating You Alive and the upcoming film Disease Reversal Hope! The Film.
Please note that this is a book group discussion and will not include a report on the contents of the book. Those who have not read any of the book will find less value in the discussion than those who read at least some if not all of it.


“We are on the cusp of a seismic revolution in health….The book that Dan and Scott have put together really has the capacity to jolt people… If the public reads it, then they suddenly see…I do not think you can overestimate how powerful testimony can be…”


Caldwell B. Esseltstyn JR., MD

Meet our Storytellers

Monica Aggarwal, M.D.

Monica Aggarwal, M.D.

How My Daughter Saved Me

Dr. Monica Aggarwal is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the cardiovascular division of the University of Florida. She developed an advanced form of rheumatoid.

From Panic Attacks to Plant-Based Peace

Erin & Dusty Stanczyk

Erin & Dusty Stanczyk

As high school athletes and straight A students, we were both brought up in healthy households, but by the time we got to college, we both derailed.
Kelly Thrush

Kelly Thrush

From Liver Transplant to Marathons

Staring at the ceiling, lost in thought, I was struggling to come to terms with the phrase “end-stage liver failure.” I was not supposed to end up in the hospital dying at age 38.

From the filmmakers of Eating You Alive comes


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Episode 7: Disease Reversal Hope - You NEED This Book!

Listen to this episode from The Fork Fix on Spotify. In this episode I talk about this amazing new book about hope and healing. You need to get this book… Click HERE


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About Authors

Dan Purjes

Dan Purjes


Dan Purjes is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, having built several companies to significant levels in a variety of industries such as finance, technology, software, home automation, and solar energy. Dan and his wife Edna, “Ed” actively promote the message of health and disease reversal. They are passionate advocates and promoters of Whole Food Plant-Based nutrition to reverse chronic disease, committed to funding clinical trials, books and documentaries to advance the most powerful and effective medicine available. For more information, please visit

Dr. Scott Stoll


Scott Stoll, M.D, graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Colorado Hospital. He is recognized as an international leader in lifestyle medicine and whole food, plant-based nutrition.   Dr. Stoll is the co-founder of The Plantrician Project, The International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and The Regenerative Health Institute, a unique collaborative project with the Rodale institute that integrates a regenerative vision for human health, agriculture, and the environment.
Dr. Scott Stoll
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Caldwell B. Esselstyn JR., MD

Author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

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Joel Fuhrman. M.D

Author of Eat for Life
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“Every gripping story will inspire you, teach you the strategies people used to restore their health, and highlight the scientifically validated potential of a whole food plant-based lifestyle to suspend and reverse disease. I recommended it to everyone who wants to add years to their life or life to their years.”  


Michael Greger, MD FACLM

Thank You for helping us share these stories around the world! Dan Purjes and Scott Stoll, M.D.